Welcome to Gumboot Golf Club

Discover the Gumboot Golf Club – your gateway to a world of golfing benefits with a heartwarming twist. As a member, you not only unlock official golf handicaps, access to top-notch courses, and exciting tournaments but also become part of a community making a real difference.

What makes us unique? The Gumboot Golf Club proudly channels 100% of its membership fees proceeds directly to Gumboot Friday, a charity that provides crucial free counseling for children navigating mental health challenges. By joining, you tee off on a journey where every swing supports a noble cause, making mental health support more accessible and reducing the stigma surrounding it.

But that's not all! Studies have shown that golf brings mental health benefits, reducing anxiety, depression, and stress.

By participating in the Gumboot Golf Club, you experience these advantages while helping us introduce golf to a broader audience, including youngsters and families. In collaboration with Golf New Zealand, we're reshaping golf's image, attracting new members, and fostering a healthier New Zealand. And with affordable membership fees, we ensure that everyone can tee up for a great cause. Join us today and be part of a community that swings for a brighter, mentally healthier future.

Become A Member

Becoming a member of the Gumboot Golf Club means joining a family of like-minded people who share a common bond for the sport and supporting the community. Whether you’re a weekend warrior seeking a leisurely round or a dedicated competitor honing your skills, being part of the Gumboot Golf Club makes it all that much better as you know your membership fees are helping young people in their time of need - win/win.